Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I apply Umera at night, will it soil my pillow?

Because it is easily absorbed, Umera can be left on overnight and will not soil your pillow if used sparingly. However, cover your pillow in situations where you have used the product quite extensively on your hair and scalp.

Can anyone use Umera?

Because it is mild and 100% natural, Umera can be used on all hair types, and on adults and children. As an intensive scalp and hair repair treatment, Umera can be used by all ethnic groups.

Can I use Umera as a sealant over my regular hair styling products?

Yes, it will help hold in moisture and smooth the cuticle of the hair, but not over petroleum based products such as hair foods.

Can I mix Umera with other oils and styling products?

Yes. You can mix Umera with a lighter oil such as olive, jojoba or ylang-ylang if you prefer. You can also mix it with your conditioner for extra-deep conditioning, or with your hair styling products for extra shine and manageability.

Can Umera be taken as a laxative?

Umera is intended for external use. However, it will do no harm if accidentally taken internally.

Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil have a strong smell?

No. It has a slightly burnt smell due to the fact that the Castor Oil beans are roasted. This smell is not offensive, and it fades quickly.

How else can I use Umera?

Umera can also be used to achieve longer, thicker and stronger eyebrows and eyelashes.

Where can I buy Umera?

Umera is new on the South African market and will soon be available at most salons and selected retails stores. To find out where it is available, www.jbco.co.za