Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Good Hair Fairy

Everyone deserves good hair days

Everyone deserves good hair days

We launched JBCO in Johannesburg in April this year, 2014, and the response has been phenomenal. New and repeat clients are now buying the product from salons in Jhb and online!

The South African ethnic hair care market is a large and growing one, with sales of hair colour and relaxing products driving up sales of aftercare products. In spite of the availability of aftercare products, many South Africans suffer from the symptoms of scalp dehydration, malnutrition and receding hairlines caused by overuse of chemical treatments and weaves. These include a tight, dry, itchy or flaky scalp, and hair that is prone to splitting, breaking or thinning.  We have the solution for you!

Umera Jamaican Black Castor Oil presents South African consumers with a natural, affordable and highly effective solution for hair and scalp damage, including thinning or receding hair.